In detail

Thanks to its network, Italyengineering constantly works with great production realities throughout the European continent and with institutional Chinese realities dedicated to innovation and to new production and technological frontiers. It has a strong tie with universities and research centers in both continents and is able to spot interesting projects and start ups to be launched on the global market.


Italyengineering does not offer its clients-customers a mere consultancy but a more solid, sophisticated and reliable relationship.

Italyengineering offers a high level of theoretical and practical knowledge and experience. It offers access to new markets and optimization of the markets that have already been secured. Moreover it also ensures to Italian and European operators its support and presence in the place of origin and on the Chinese market. It often financially invests in the projects precisely because it envisions the opportunities for success.


In extreme synthesis, Italyengeenering tells its clients:
"We have the ability to expand your business, we help you to do it, we take the responsibility of fighting with you in order to reach success, and believing in your quests we even invest in them".